16 December 2009

Space Marines and Dwarfs

I did a variety of things today. I put some varnish on my Space Marine Scouts. I assembled a few Dwarfs. I also got out the airbrush and gave it a try on the Razorback. I'm not sure if it was mixture or distance or a combination of the two, but the paint was a bit too watery when it hit the vehicle and much of it ran down the sides. So I need to work on that a bit and get a little better with the airbrush. I still have a lot to do if I want to finish the Razorback and those Easterlings by the end of the weekend. It would be incredible if I could get the whole Dwarf army painted by the time school starts up again, but I don't really see that happening. I've got an Army school that will take up much of January, so I really only have about three weeks to work with. I may have them all assembled by then.

If my instructors put in the grades I anticipate, I should end this semester with 3 B's, an A, and a Pass. That's not too bad, especially as I was considering dropping out of one of my classes in order to keep up in the others.

It kind of bothers me that Games Workshop uses the word Dwarfs to refer to multiple Dwarves. Dwarves seems a lot more correct to me.

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  1. Happiness is a fully painted dwarf army.