12 December 2009

Bad News

My new snake has died. I don't really know why. I'd been having trouble getting it to eat, but thought I had that sorted out. The temperature in the terrarium was all right, and the heat source was functioning. I don't think humidity was an issue. Even with the problems I'd had in getting the snake to eat, I don't think enough time had passed for the snake to starve to death. It bothers me because I didn't go into this intending for the snake to suffer or die. I'd done research and gone out of my way to purchase a breed known for strong feeding and ease of care. Maybe it never got over the stress of transit. I just don't know, and it bothers me a lot.


  1. Dear Chris
    It could have been any one of a number of things including an illness caught before you even acquired the animal. Pet shops and breeding centres are wonderful disease hot houses. My daughter's pet rabbit was very sick with 'flu and mites when we got him home from the shop.
    I doubt whether you are too blame.

  2. Ach, that's a bummer man, sorry to hear it.

  3. What a shame.... could a vet tell you what the problem was???

  4. The problem is that I didn't really notice anything was wrong until the snake was dead. It was acting fairly normal aside from being reluctant to eat, but I've had snakes before that took a couple months off from eating on occasion with no real ill effects. A vet could do a fecal test to look for parasites, but with the snake being dead a sample would be inconvenient to get and expensive to have tested.

  5. dang....did you try to winter it in freezing temperatures? and then leave a rat in its cage all night so it got ripped to shreds....oh wait....that wasnt you..but it was your last snake. kelleys mom killed ALL three ball pythons within days of eachother.