20 December 2009

I didn't get as much hobby stuff done as I wanted, but I did at least get some hobby stuff done. That's a step up from most weekends lately. Saturday was taken up for the most part by putting in some weekend hours at work and finishing up my Christmas shopping. We had a meeting during the week announcing some layoffs, and then an e-mail came out stating that the layoffs are not going to happen unless funding gets cut. My position is one that was right on the edge as far as being cut. It's one of those things that comes down to whether you or the guy next to you gets the axe. My supervisor mentioned that he was going to be in the office for a few hours on Saturday, so I volunteered to put in some time as well. Maybe it's a cheap move to gain points, but if that's what I have to do to keep my family fed and under shelter, then that's what I have to do. But I didn't come here to talk about the day job.

I've put together almost all the Dwarves for my 1000-point Warhammer Fantasy army. They are made up from the Skull Pass starter set and a Dwarf Battalion boxed set. I have to admit that I like the one-piece Skull Pass Dwarves better as the multi-part ones have a lot of unsightly gaps where they fit together. With plastic figures I much prefer that joins be flat surfaces rather than ball-and-socket joints. Once they are painted up I don't think anyone will notice one way or the other, but there are a lot of gaps in the multi-part Dwarves.

All I have left is a unit of Slayers. I'm not looking forward to them, as they are metal models and I hate cleaning the flash and mold lines off of metal figures. I much prefer plastic. I don't have any epoxy at the moment either, so I will have to get some before I can get the Slayers put together and on their bases anyway. I noticed while test-fitting them that getting them to rank up is going to be a circus. I may have to find some slotted bases with diagonal slots rather than the horizontal ones.

I was having trouble getting my Liquid Plastic Cement to flow from the container and I didn't want to push the issue as the last time I did that it ended with a painful mess. So I used some regular Plastic Cement, which is much thicker and more likely to squish out the sides of whatever you're gluing together.

I didn't paint the Razorback or the Easterlings. I did use my airbrush for the first time with mixed results. The paint that stayed on is pretty smooth and nice-looking, but the parts that were watery and ran need to be sanded and redone. The Easterlings I just didn't get to. I'm thinking about just using what Skaven I've already got to make up my 1000 points of ratmen so I can power through a group of something else when I get done with the Dwarves. I'm thinking about switching scales for a bit and doing some 15mm World War Two for Flames of War. I've got enough figures for a generic U.S. Rifle Company with some support elements. I was looking through the Bloody Omaha book the other day and thought it would be neat to do some Boat Sections for a D-Day scenario. But that's getting a little ahead of myself. Once the Slayers are assembled I may trot out some Skaven and send the two forces across my kitchen table to battle each other, painted or not.

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  1. We all do what we have to do. It's tough out there work-wise,