12 December 2009

Good Stuff

I am nearly done with the school semester and as long as my final next week isn't a disaster I should pass all my classes. I certainly won't be making the dean's list this time around, but sometimes just passing is enough. I am still deciding how many classes to take next semester. The Army pays me more money to go to school if I take a full course load, but with school, National Guard, and the day job I find myself stretched a bit thin.

At my day job I was put in for an incentive award and got a nice little addition to my paycheck. It comes out to equal about a 4% raise for the year, so that was a nice little surprise. We've had a lot of manpower shortages at work as people were away throughout the year and I was asked to cover for some of them. I feel a little undeserving as there are others in the office who were asked to do just as much, but I appreciate the recognition and the extra paycheck.

With about three weeks of no school between now and January it would be nice to finish some wargaming stuff, but I don't know what I'll work on or how much progress I'll make. I've been toying with the idea of an Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy Battles. I think I've discussed it here a couple of times, but the plan is to build a Crusade-style army around a big block of Flagellants (fanatical rag-wearing religious nuts who are convinced the world is about to end).

I also need to finish up some Space Marines. I'd really like to build some War of the Ring armies, but cost is an issue. In most cases basic troops are very cheap, but even a small unit of elite figures that come in blister packs can be quite expensive. Add a few hero models at $15-20 each and you're looking at a significant expense. A while back the local shop had all of their blisters at 50% off, but by the time I had some money they'd been pretty well picked through. At the moment they've got High Elves, Dark Elves, and Orcs & Goblins all on clearance. I don't really enjoy Elves, but a pack or two of Goblin Warbosses and Shamans would be nifty.

I've got some books covering some Dark Ages battles, so I plan on digging into those in preparation for doing some historical stuff. More on that as I actually get things going.

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