14 December 2009

It's only Monday and I'm already looking to the end of the week.

I am kicking myself a little because I could have painted a bit today while the wife and kid were napping, but I was too lazy to go upstairs and do it. Rumor has it that tomorrow I will be pressed into service as a babysitter while the wife works on Christmas projects, but by the end of the weekend I would like to have the Razorback for my Space Marines painted and finish the unit of Easterlings that's been half-finished for probably over a year now. That will complete my initial 750 points of Space Marines. The list is not optimal; the most glaring weakness is a distinct lack of anti-armor capabilities. In theory it was built with my complementary Ork list in mind, which doesn't have anything more resilient than a truck. At 750 points there isn't a lot of room for bigger armored vehicles unless you want to put a lot of your eggs in one basket. Anyway, that list will be complete and I will probably move on to something different for a little while.

I'd really like to work on some Empire troops for Warhammer Fantasy, but I don't have any Empire figures. Armies I have figures for include Wargames Factory Vikings, Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard, Warhammer 40k Orks, Warhammer Fantasy Orcs & Goblins, Warhammer Fantasy Dwarfs, 6mm Baccus American Civil War, Reaper CAV, Mordheim, various bits and pieces for Lord of the Rings/War of the Ring and maybe Reaper's Warlord system which has a new rulebook. I'm leaning toward one of the Warhammer Fantasy factions as it would be nice to have something to run up against my Skaven. Alternatively I could paint up a small force for 40k, although with a choice between Imperial Guard and Orks even a small force means 50 figures and a vehicle or two. Maybe I'll work on 1000 points of Dwarfs.

And on the reptile front I got my copy of Reptiles magazine in the mail today. One of the features was on habitats. One of the neat things I saw was this coffee table terrarium made by Cages By Design. If I had money I'd get one for our tortoise. It would be quite a conversation piece. They also have an end table that would be perfect for a small snake. I think after the upcoming trip overseas I will try raising a snake again, hopefully with a larger, healthier specimen.

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