27 September 2009

Today I went out to the garage to look for my collection of Reaper swag points and I stumbled upon a couple boxes of figures I'd forgotten about, mostly some Skaven and a few Space Marines. As I looked for a place in the hobby room to put them I was disheartened by the number of partially-painted units I had as well as the realization that I've only finished one army since I started in on this whole business. Here is my own personal Hall of Shame:

First up is the most recent project, some Space Marine Scouts. They don't really need a lot of work to be finished, a common thread among these figures.

Next up is an Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought. I think he got written out of my army list, so I stopped painting him.

A unit of Orcs that has been half-finished for a long time, longer than I can remember.

Here we've got a Klingon ship for Star Fleet Battles, a Reaper barmaid for pirate games, and a 40k Priest whose power sword never looked very good to me. I saw an article recently on painting a convincing power weapon so I'm going to give it another shot.

And here we've got some Easterlings for The Lord of the Rings. They are pretty close to being done. It's been so long since I stopped working on them that I can't recall the reason for stopping.

This is just the stuff that has been assembled and has some paint on it. I've got a boatload of other stuff in various stages of assembly that needs done, but that's next on the list. My current goal is to finish all of these half-painted projects.

After that I should probably work on the stuff that is assembled and then decide what to do after that. Maybe at some point I will have some forces I can actually use in a game. And for the family members who just read this blog to see what the kid looks like, here's a picture of him moments before he bites my leg. You can see his trail of destruction in the background. His favorite thing to do is ignore his toys and instead pull everything off of tables, down from shelves, and out of boxes.

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