25 September 2009

I don't have any hobby updates yet as I am still just trying to keep up with real life stuff. School is keeping me pretty busy, but at least I'm not working extra weekends at the day job anymore. I'm growing to like the new motorcycle more, although I still miss the ability to be pretty much instantly traveling at the speed of traffic. I also was reminded today that hot-rodding through curves is likely to leave my footpegs grinding on the pavement. I don't quite have the ground clearance that I once did. One good thing about this bike is that with the lower amount of power I actually have to shift occasionally. I actually feel like I am using what the bike has to offer rather than going illegal speeds while still in first or second gear. It is still very nice to have the roomy saddlebags and the improved wind protection offered by a full windshield as well, especially with mornings getting pretty cold.

We were going to have some friends over for dinner tomorrow, but I think those plans fell through. I had hoped to break out my copy of Space Hulk and try it out. I guess that will wait for another day. I didn't really have time to assemble the components anyway. It does seem to be a very substantial game. The box is heavy and the miniatures are nice, which I think helps to justify the sticker price. It has sold out at the Games Workshop website, but stores seem to have plenty of stock, at least my local shop has ten or fifteen copies available. I guess that may not be true in larger markets with larger hobbyist populations.

My assembly of 40k miniatures pretty much came to a standstill when I stabbed my finger with the hobby knife. It wasn't a fear of injury that kept me away, it was just that I got busy at that point. The finger is still healing and I'm still trying to decide if I did some structural or nerve damage to it.

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