17 September 2009

I finally got all the paperwork done and brought my motorcycle home today. I like the bike; it is certainly a lot more user-friendly than the FZ1 was, but there is a downside to that as well. Ultimately there really isn't much comparison because the two bikes are designed for completely different markets.

The fuel injection is nice as the bike starts right up without me having to fiddle with a choke, something that was occasionally frustrating on the FZ1. The seat and seating position are a lot more comfortable, and the windshield actually keeps the wind off of me pretty well. There is a lot less power and acceleration which is to be expected with a smaller motor that is tuned differently. This bike hits redline in first gear at about 40 mph as opposed to the old bike that could hit about 80 mph in first. It is also a lot quieter, but that can be solved with an aftermarket pipe, which is something I had on the FZ1. Cargo capacity is greatly increased due to the saddlebags. I could actually stop at Hobbytown on the way home if I wanted to and bring home some figures even if I didn't have my backpack.

On a side note, I consider myself to be pretty trustworthy, but going into any store with my backpack makes me feel like all of the staff are watching me and waiting for me to try to put something in my bag.

The bike will be a lot cheaper to own than my last bike, which was pretty high on my priority list while shopping around. And to stroke my vanity a bit, it has been received well by the folks at work. Most people guess that it's bigger than it really is, something that will probably be all too evident when I putt-putt into the parking lot rather than a more muscular sound. That can be fixed on the aftermarket, though. All in all I'd say that I'm probably better off on this bike than I was on the last one. The only factor that I can really rate the FZ1 higher on than the Boulevard is the ability to go really fast. Most other things seem to swing the Boulevard's way.

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