15 September 2009

A Spike in Visits Explained

I noticed that my hobby knife post got a lot of comments, but today I looked at the stats on my hit counter and noticed a somewhat inexplicable surge in visits immediately after I posted it. That led me to the referrals page, where I discovered that I had made a spot on From the Warp's Tuesday Top Ten list. From the Warp is a rather popular 40k-centric blog and from what I understand the Top Ten is a pretty prestigious list to make, so thanks for the bump in visits, FTW. It's too bad my schedule and general apathy regarding the hobby is keeping the hobby-related posts to a minimum here on my blog. I've got a couple of things to post about, though. It may just take a little while to get around to it.

1 comment:

  1. I suppose thats my fault. Ever since I sliced my hand open (think I got 16 stitches, and nicked an artery) Ive been on something of a warpath about making people understand that you can seriously mess yourself up with these knives. A table with some nice blood splashes usually drives the point home. :)

    -Ryan (the guy who writes the Top 10)