27 September 2009

One thing I really hate is when I go to the hobby shop and the new issue of White Dwarf is out but I haven't received my subscriber copy in the mail. I know it will arrive in another day or two and it will probably take me a week or two to get through reading all the articles, but I am a rather impatient person. I want it now.

In honor of the new Hobbytown in the city I live in, both locations here had a sale. Unfortunately the new location (2.1 miles from my house) is just a small satellite store and has very little selection compared to the larger shop (19.8 miles from my house). So if I want anything in particular I will probably have to either have the smaller shop order it in from the larger one or just do what I did before and stop at the larger store on my way home from work. Maybe if I keep ordering stuff in the shop will adjust their stock to suit me. I think their main target at the new place is R/C cars and things of that nature, as the gaming and model train sections were tiny.

I went to the larger store and used the sale combined with a 50% discount on much of their Reaper stock to flesh out some Warlord armies. The second edition rulebook came out recently and it looks like a pretty simple game system with a lot of the confusion of the last version cleared up. Having everything accessible in one book is a lot easier than trying to find data cards strewn across the website, an outdated rulebook, a couple of faction books, and several update documents. There are rumors of regular expansions to fill in the stuff from last time that didn't make this book and eventually new factions. I think the undead pirate faction will continue to be an internet-only document as most of the other armies represent a full-on nation or large city military while the undead pirates are just Captain Razig and his ship's crew.

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  1. woa whaa? hobby town... in our town? where? do they sell MTG?