06 April 2009

Thank you, Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee gave up about a million runs in his first game of the baseball season. It's a good thing I only drafted him in one league. I like Fantasy Baseball, probably because of all the numbers. I may actually watch some baseball games this year. Generally I don't watch sports other than football because most games are on cable or satellite and we don't get those services. I suppose I am a bit of an oddity in that I am a fantasy sports nut who doesn't watch sports much. I'm not really sure what to make of it.

I finally got through the paper I was working on, so that is a good thing. Now it's on to more homework. I'd rather be painting, to tell the truth. Completing my Federation Heavy Cruiser has got me motivated to finish some other stuff, mainly the Klingon D7. Then it's on to Space Marines and probably Ape-X after that. Ape-X comes with four interchangeable hands, so I may try to rig up some system using rare earth magnets to give me the ability to switch them out. That way I won't have to choose between the drill, the gatling gun, the wrecking ball, and the mechanical fist. I can have it all, and that's what any true super-villain mastermind wants. Is everything too much to ask?


  1. I pretty much don't know what you are talking about...but I thought you should know that yes, Kelley ended up being the Marine with his butt sticking up in the air. :) high five!

  2. Sorry I changed the post on you. Taken out of context your comment becomes very strange.