26 April 2009

I had two topics I wanted to post about, but for the life of me I can't even begin to think of what they were. I really have no clue what I wanted to post about, but I can remember that I had two posts pretty much lined out in my mind.

I started repainting my Klingon ship for Star Fleet Battles/Federation Commander. It's going slowly. I'm also listening to the most recent 40k Radio episode that covers troop choices in the new Imperial Guard Codex. It sounds like I may need a lot more basic Guardsmen. I think they just said that you could theoretically take 137 models in a maxed-out infantry platoon. But it is unlikely that anyone would take that many figures in one Troops choice. I wish my book would arrive soon. Apparently it's been delivered in some areas, but with the good exchange rates at the moment and online discounts my book is going to be shipped from the UK and probably won't get here for another couple of weeks.

I spent some time yesterday shuffling my boxes of miniatures around and I realized that I would like to drag my Skaven out and use them sometime. I spent eighteen months painting them and they've seen two games. My Giant hasn't even ever seen a tabletop. So maybe I should do something about that sometime.

Soon I will need to get back into my homework. The next couple weeks are going to be pretty wild while I try to finish out the semester.

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