25 April 2009

Buying a House is No Fun

Last week we spent an evening looking at houses. The first house was all right. The several in the middle were each interesting, but generally not in a good way. We couldn't go look at one of the houses on our short list because the resident didn't want us to see her clutter. I'm not sure how she will sell her house if she doesn't want people to look at it. The last house we went to look at was awesome and had everything we want and more, so we put in an offer on it. It turns out that there is a competing offer from someone else and we just have to sit around and wait for the seller to decide which one they like better. If they like our offer then we get to do another house inspection and hope for no termites/structural damage/mold colonies/shoddy construction and then go through all the paperwork and bother that comes after that. If the inspection didn't go well we'd have to go look at more houses and start the process all over again. If the seller likes the other person's offer then we also have to go look at more houses and start over. It's a pain in the hindquarters. I hope this house works out.

Aside from house-hunting it's just been school and work for me. There isn't much exciting going on around here.

1 comment:

  1. Despite all the pain, if it works out, you know it's right.
    We tried to get approved for a while before we finally found this house we're in. If we were approved right away, we might be looking at a foreclosure on our hands.
    Good luck!