05 April 2009

I've attached a couple pictures of the stuff I've been working on lately. None of it is close to complete, but it's getting there. On top are some Assault Marines. I haven't attached their jetpacks yet. The power fists and lightning claws only get basic metallic paintjobs, but I still get excited about painting them. They just look neat. I haven't got to metallics yet, though. The middle picture has a couple of scouts in it. The bottom picture is a couple of ships for Star Fleet Battles/Federation Commander. They aren't even close to being done. I don't have any real knowledge of the Star Trek Universe, so I'm going off of some pretty sketchy painting guides I've found online. I guess for the most part they figure that if you're painting little Star Trek ships you should know what they're supposed to look like. There are some decal sets out there on the market; I may wind up getting some of those.

My dad stopped by for a couple of minutes to say hi and see the baby. He offered to let me ride his motorcycle, but I didn't take him up on it. I'm pretty comfortable on my own bike, but other people's bikes make me nervous. I guess my last experience on another person's bike has got me skittish. Why? Two words: combat roll.

1 comment:

  1. combat roll? more like... combat-LOL!
    hahhahahah.... ahem....

    it is a memory i will always cherish.