12 April 2009

Decals and Floor Finish

My U.S.S. Merimac (that's what the decal says, although I'm pretty sure it should be spelled differently) has got all the decals I'm inclined to put on it and so I am pretty much done with that particular miniature. The Starship Modeler website proved an invaluable resource for finding the placement of many of the decals; I'm hoping they will be of use when I get around to the Klingon ship.

After getting all of the decals placed I let them set for a bit and then tried out my Future Floor Finish. It seems to be a good product; it certainly smells a lot better than the other stuff I've been using. It goes on very easily and seems to dry pretty smooth. Since it's so glossy I didn't post any pictures. I may post photos later after I get some dullcoat put on.

I also got some decals for the shoulder pads on my Space Marines. I actually wound up buying the Battlefront decals for WWII American vehicles. The various stars look like they will fit just about right on the shoulder pads. One blister pack will do 84 shoulder pads and have 20 or 30 larger and smaller stars for other applications as well as a couple sheets of serial numbers and slogans. I may get a pack of Russian stars as well, perhaps as a way to differentiate my Assault Marines or my Scouts.

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