26 November 2008

Yesterday morning I started feeling the tickle in the back of my throat that for me generally signals a pending illness. By the time I went to bed last night my throat was swollen to the point that I had difficulty breathing and speaking. In the morning I woke up long enough to call in sick and went back to sleep. It's spread out now, so I hurt everywhere and get a little woozy just from walking around. I'm still fighting it off; hopefully I'll be able to take some TheraFlu tonight and sleep it off in time to have an appetite for Thanksgiving. The wife and baby had been sick all week, so it's only fair that I come down with something too. On the plus side I was able to spend a little time today taking care of the baby, so the wife was able to get some important stuff done (like take a shower and bake some pies). The Thing really is a good baby. We like him. The dogs have been a little mischievous lately; probably because we've been ignoring them a bit as we lavish attention on the kid. Hopefully they'll calm down as they get used to their new places in the pecking order.

Not much else to write about, really. I can't even think of a good second sentence for this paragraph.


  1. Hope you feel better. I like having the Thing for a nephew too.

  2. Chris, belated congrats on Ben's arrival. Now's the time to start talking to him about which Warhammer Army he likes the look of before Football and Girls take over ;)


    PS. as soon as you feel that back of throat inch drink copious quantities of vitamin C (it lessens the effects). Or drink loads of beers, then you won't care ;)

  3. It's one thing for you to be sick, but it's horrible when your kid is sick too. Especially when they're so little like yours. I hope you are all feeling better soon. Post pictures of the critter soon, mmmmmkay?

  4. For pictures of the critter you can check out my wife's blog. I think she's got most of the recent ones on there.