23 November 2008

There isn't much going on at the moment. We got the new Supergrass album on mp3. It's pretty good. Apparently Kings of Leon came out with a new album in September, which is pretty cool. I hope it's good, as on their website they look like they've gone a bit too far over to the emo side of fashion. I hope it doesn't creep into their music. I liked them much better as dirty bearded vagrants.

My parents gave us a TV as a Christmas present. I think the screen is about a foot larger than our previous television and the sound is a great improvement also. The previous TV was already old when my wife rescued it from a dumpster seven years ago, so it's pretty nice to watch a movie or show and actually be able to see and hear everything all at the same time.

I got one of the Citadel (Games Workshop) battlemats as they have received very good reviews in just about every conversation they come up in. I haven't had much time for anything hobby-related as the new baby is demanding a lot of time and attention. Even when I'm not directly interacting with him I'm trying to get caught up on other stuff. It's going to be even worse come January as I've signed on for a few classes at Boise State. I've gone back and forth about finishing school, but I feel it's something I need to work through and finish. Back on the subject of hobbies, I'm thinking about trying to assemble a few small forces for the Warhammer and Lord of the Rings games and playing games on my table at home with unpainted figures just as a way to actually get some use out of my toys and learn the systems a little bit.

Today was my birthday. We didn't do anything really special for it, as I got my present a long time ago and we really didn't feel like doing anything outside of our normal Sunday routine. I spent all day yesterday at a recruiting event for the National Guard, supervising a bunch of high school kids while they played paintball and got pumped up about the military.


  1. Happy Birthday...!

    Only heard the one song off the new Leon album but they sound pretty much the same to me... and it's a good song...

  2. Happy (late) Birthday! Sorry I didn't write yesterday. Trust me, I would have but we are having work done on our downstairs making it nearly impossible to get to the computer room. At any rate, hope you had a great day!

    I can relate to having a new baby take up all your time and attention. I still find it hard to work on my hobbies and projects to this day (and my kid is 2 now.) It does get better though. I hope he's sleeping more at nights and I hope Bekah's getting the rest she needs. Nothing's worse for me than being sleep deprived.....

    Kings of Leon? I hear them all the time on the radio, but I don't really like the song that gets played over and over again. I don't remember the name of it. But if you like it, then I say live your dreams.

  3. Happy Birthday, I didn't know about it sooner.