05 November 2008

We've got about a million Aunts and Great-Aunts clamoring for more pictures, so here are a couple we took last night and throughout today. The wife was feeling well enough today to walk down to the nursery, so we went down the hall for Ben's first bath. He didn't like it very much, but the nurse brushed his hair into a very fashionable combover-miullet. He sleeps a lot and keeps his eyes closed much of the time, but this evening just before I left to come home he opened his eyes up and looked around for ten minutes or so. In this first picture you can see that his hairline goes all the way down to his eyebrows.

Here's a picture of him with my wife's mom. This is during a rare moment today when I wasn't holding him. I think I spent about eight hours today carrying him around with me.

Here's me and my mom and me a couple hours after Ben was born. His parents and his grandmas were pretty well wiped out at this point.

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  1. Man, he looks a lot like my mom in that first pic. I think he has her double chin right now.