17 November 2008

I've been meaning to make a post for a while now, but my wife and I are pretty well baby-shocked and haven't been able to get up to much besides essentials. I did find time to inventory all my figures, both painted and unpainted. It wasn't as depressing as I anticipated. I've got about 1020 figures in all and 28% of them are painted.

Hobbytown continues to place more miniatures on clearance, this past week it was Skaven and the big Orc & Goblin army box. The Orc & Goblin box is a great deal with about $250 in figures for $114, but I already have all the figures I need for maybe 4000+ points of greenskins. So I get to take a pass on that. I did get the Plague Monks and Jezzail teams I need to finish my 3000-point ratmen list, though. There is a whole section of Reaper figures on clearance, but it would take forever to dig through it all to find the gems. None of the Reaper games are put together well enough to try playing them anyway. I am hoping Hobbytown's mass clearance is just an attempt to clear out slow-moving stock and not a sign that they are cutting out gaming altogether or in danger of going under. Although we've had problems with some of their staff in the past, they have the best prices on gaming stuff locally and are usually pretty helpful.

Now it is way past my bedtime, so I'm going to try getting some sleep.

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