03 March 2008

Tonight I expanded my checklist to include everything needed for my current partially-finished projects. Yesterday I filled out everything I need for the Lord of the Rings game and today I added all the Skaven I need to finish my 3000-point army (plus a unit of Plague Monks to swap out with the Giant), the Orcs and Goblins I need to finish that list out to 3000 points, various sourcebooks for many different game systems, some Reaper Warlord figures, and some Mechs and vehicles for Reaper's CAV 2 game. I've already got all the Mordheim figures I need, so I had nothing to add to that list. I don't know what I need for DBA, so I'm not building that list yet. And I don't know whether to go for Warhammer Ancient Battles or Field of Glory, but I don't anticipate getting to that before the end of the decade anyway. I also could use a couple of the Foundry Horde deals to get me all set for Pirates, Old West, and maybe Gladiators. I can't buy everything I want, and I can't paint everything I buy. It seems to be a common condition among wargamers.

I think tomorrow I will get to work on finishing the last 9 Easterlings I have assembled and primed. I got a bit discouraged when I popped open the Easterling Invaders army box, as upon closer inspection one of the sprues of plastic figures is missing two swords and half of a bow, in addition to the cavalry figure with the broken sword. There is also a ton of flash and mold lines on the metal figures, and I don't know how I'll get their weapons all straightened out. I've certainly got my work cut out for me there.

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