04 March 2008

I wasn't expecting them until the 8th, but my Field of Glory books arrived in the mail today. They look very nice, and I've read through them a little. Not enough to really understand them, but enough that I think I'd like to try them out. Of course, there's the little matter of about 750 million figures backlogged in front of my historical projects. And I've got at least until early 2009 before the Early Medieval army lists come out anyway. I am excited to give them a more thorough reading in the next week or two.

On the Lord of the Rings front, I basecoated a few shields and helmets on my Easterlings today while watching a movie on my computer. I did some housecleaning earlier in the day that led to an allergy attack, so with the medication I took for the allergies I didn't feel steady enough to paint the little scales on the armor with any accuracy. Hopefully I'll have this first batch of 20 done soon. I also picked up a box of Wood Elves at the hobby shop today, so that's one item off my checklist.

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