06 March 2008

I've gone and done it now...

I suppose the biggest hobby news of the week for me this week is the awesome deal I found on the TMP Marketplace. Someone posted an ad for about $540 in Orcs and Goblins at a 75% discount, so I was able to take advantage of the offer. I entered the lot into Army Builder and it comes out to around 2000 points, although according to the rules I can't actually take all the options together in the same game. I probably come away with 1800 points that I can use together with a couple of options I can swap out. If I adjust my original Orcs and Goblins list to reflect the figures in this purchase I should be able to make big cuts in my "To Buy" list, which is a good thing. I feel a little guilty about buying a huge lot of figures when I haven't really painted much this year, but the huge discount helps to ease that feeling somewhat. I had my National Guard weekend this weekend so I didn't get any painting done. Hopefully this week I'll find a little time to at least get some Easterlings basecoated.

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