15 March 2008

I think I need to send a letter of appreciation to the local post office. When I arrived home yesterday the mail van was parked in front of my house. It was raining off and on, and the mailman had hauled the massive box containing my Orcs and Goblins over our gate and had obviously been struggling to cover it up with cardboard so it would be protected from the elements. As I pulled in he was climbing back over the gate to go back to his vehicle; my arrival pretty much negated all the work he had done to protect my parcel from the elements.

I still need to go through and make up an army list out of all these figures to see what else I am in need of. I think I should be close to 3000 points as it is, but there are a few units I still want to have in my army. I need to have at least one unit of Black Orcs, some Stone Trolls, a few Squig Hoppers, and maybe a few other odds and ends. I'll probably work on the list tomorrow. I've got a Fantasy Baseball draft first thing in the morning, then the wife and I will probably take the dogs to the dog park. After that I'll have to clean my desk area up quite a bit so I can spread Orcs and Goblins out everywhere and take stock of what I have. I'm looking forward to having a weekend.

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