25 October 2010

Planning Mode

I am still in Camp Shelby, enjoying the humidity and those good Army rations. I've spent my free hours considering the wargaming projects that interest me. I've considered trying to get some sort of plan or timeline down on paper, but that would probably require several hours (days, weeks?) of consideration and list shuffling. I inventoried all of my Warhammer and Warhammer 40k figures before I left home, but didn't get around to the other game systems and historical periods in the hobby room. It is occasionally quite maddening to be here, away from all of my books and toys. I'm actually looking forward to falling in on our positions overseas, as the pre-mobilization process seems to be the worst part of being deployed. Once there, rumors are that we will have a (relatively) decent amount of personal space, where I will be able to make some progress on personal pursuits, like miniature armies and higher education. I've been looking at online education opportunities, and may try to take a few university courses through the BYU distance learning program. But for the most part I've been itching to get at my paints and my figures. It'd be really nice to play some games with my figures before my kids are old enough to move out of the house.

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  1. I have tried army foos - it was in the sixties, mind you.