18 October 2010


I'm still in Mississippi without a whole lot to report. I took an operator's course on the MRAP family of vehicles and I get another course on uparmored SUVs in a few days, so I've been doing plenty of driving along with the usual pre-mobilization stuff. The lack of a good internet connection is a little taxing, but I am able to read blogs, visit The Miniatures Page, and keep up with my Fantasy Sports teams on my phone. The thing that really hurts is that the music on my music player includes stuff that validates my permissions occasionally, so without the ability to sign in I am locked out of a good portion of my songs. The training events have been back-to-back-to-back lately, so I haven't had much personal time outside of reading White Dwarf before I go to sleep.

Although I am almost always at some sort of training, it wouldn't be the Army if I didn't spend much of that time waiting in a line of some sort. I can't paint figures or play games during that dead time, but I can think about all of the projects I'd like to be working on. Now that I'm away from my painting table, all I can think about (besides my family, of course) is all of the projects I want to be working on. Most of it is just fleshing out projects that were already on a burner or fantasizing about ordering a big batch of books and figures, but it helps to pass the time, and hopefully will spark me to get a lot done whenever I get back to my painting table.

My wife went in for the big ultrasound a few days ago. The babies both look healthy and it still appears that we'll be having another two boys. It's going to be crazy, but I think we're both looking forward to having some new additions early next year.

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  1. Congrats on the incoming reserves, mate!