29 October 2010

Getting a Handle on the Vision

Over the past few days I've had some time to sit down with my notebook and write down a short paragraph explaining my vision for each army or period. It's not anything too concrete, with figure lists and color schemes, just a brief description of what I envision when I think about the project. A lot of my projects are pretty well filled out as far as figure acquisition, but I really need to do some painting. I also need a lot of terrain. But there are a lot of projects that just require some paint before I could start playing small games. Most can be built up in small blocks, starting with things I've already got.

I was also able to download a couple digital issues of Battlegames magazine, so I've been reading through those. Of course, the danger of reading about the hobby is that new project ideas rear up in your mind. I'm planning on doing Dark Ages games in 28mm, but after reading issue 23 of Battlegames, I'm becoming convinced that 6mm is the right scale for later Medieval action. I may have to add that to my project notebook.

Mississippi is still muggy and warm, although not as much as it was earlier in the week. The leaders in my new unit finally discovered that I have a little more time-in-grade than many of the other guys at my level, so I got a job title upgrade and some extra duties. It's nothing spectacular, mostly tracking down information and volun-telling guys to fill work details. It doesn't help my popularity, but I try to pull as many details as my guys do, so hopefully they won't be too butthurt when their turn comes around. I'm looking forward to taking a few days on pass soon and finally getting to my post overseas. I wasn't made to live in the South, so I'll gladly get on that plane, hopefully to never set foot in Camp Shelby again.

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  1. Kudos on keeping all your army thoughts/plans straight. I think we can all use a little more focus.