26 July 2010

Trades and Inventories

I've been taking a few minutes here and there over the last month to inventory all of my Warhammer and Warhammer 40k figures.  The other game systems will have to wait a little while for me to get to them.  I loaded my Dwarf figures into Army Builder and what I've got on-hand comes out to almost exactly 2500 points, depending on how I gear out my characters and how the unit sizes shake out.  That's a pretty decent number and I can't think of anything that really needs to be added to the collection, although a unit of elite warriors like Hammerers or Ironbreakers to hold the center of my line wouldn't be a bad thing.  Supposedly Dwarves have been helped by the new rules, with increased charge distances and the new shooting rules.  I wouldn't know if that's a legitimate rumor, but that's what I've heard.

A few days ago I completed my first Fantasy Baseball trade of the season.  It will probably also be my last of the season, as Yahoo! Public Leagues aren't very active on the trading front.  Half the managers just draft their teams and forget about them for the rest of the season, and the rest are overly attached to 'their' players.  I am one of those that gets attached to my teams, but I consider myself fairly open to offers.  The guy I traded with was asking for one of my closers in exchange for a batter who has been pretty bad for most of the season but has been top 5 for the last month.  I've got a pretty good lead over the rest of the league for saves and my batting really needs some help, so I accepted the offer and I think it improved my team.  Then I went and picked up a newly-appointed closer off of the waiver wire and basically came out as if I hadn't traded my guy away.  Crafty, eh?  My team is sitting in third place with a lot of ground to cover if I want to move up in the standings, but this move should at least help me to stay on the podium.  It's probably not worth a blog post, but since it's likely the only trade I'll complete this year it qualifies as an event.


  1. I need to do the Fantasy baseball thing next year. It would be fun.

  2. It's a fun game. With 10-12 people you can set up a Friends and Family league so you can talk trash to people you actually know. There are NBA, NFL, and NHL leagues, too.