31 July 2010


I've been watching some videos of rally racing over the last week.  That is a crazy sport.  As I understand it, the cars race one by one over a specified course with varying terrain to see who can get the best time.  Each car has a driver and a navigator, who tries to keep the driver updated on which turns to take and what to expect while the driver concentrates on keeping the vehicle upright and pointed in the proper direction.  Here are some pictures I nabbed off the net.

I don't think I've got the innards to drive like these maniacs, but it sure is exciting to watch.  If you like cars at all I suggest you do a search for 'rally racing' on Youtube and check it out.


  1. Rallying is a very popular sport in Britain.. In fact we make most of the world's rally cars. The cars race in turn across closed rural roads, lanes and tracks in a series of long stages that can tour over national or continental distances. Spectators like the course - sharp bends are popular. The most famous is the Monte Carlo rally. There is a leisurely vintage rally from London to Brighton on open roads.

    Best drivers have been the Finns.

    It is amazing to watch.

  2. I like watching what footage I can find on the internet. It sure seems like a lot more fun than a lot of the motorsports out there these days. The things these drivers can do with their cars are amazing.

  3. I've more than once told my family that I'm going to become a rally car driver after I win the lottery, giving them a mixed impression of both hope & dread if that day ever comes about. True, it would be doubtful to ever really compete, but TN has LOTS of under used dirt roads in the national forests, where nobody goes late at night...