24 July 2010

I Am No Longer a Flaming Ball of Anger

I'm more of a Smoldering Mass of Inner Discomfort, now that I've put a day or so between me and stress of the retail experience. I went to the DMV this morning, as my wife pointed out to me that if I didn't get the vehicle registered today she wouldn't be able to legally drive it over the weekend. The DMV here locally is never very busy in the morning. Today I was at the counter within probably 45 seconds of getting a number and sitting down in the waiting area. The time before that I think I was about 10 numbers away from being called, so it took a good fifteen minutes to get to a counter and complete my transaction. The greatest danger is really forgetting to set my phone alarm to ring instead of vibrate so I wake up on time to get there at opening time instead of an hour later. That leads to burning a little more leave than I would like.

A few exciting things to post about today, for me at least. Normally I might break this up into two or three posts, but I'm tired and just want to get something up without a lot of messing around. In the world of Warhammer, photos have been popping up of the figures that will be in the upcoming Island of Blood starter set for Warhammer Fantasy. I've placed a few of the leaked photos from the Skaven below, as Elves hold no interest for me, especially the High Elves. First up we've got this Warlock Engineer. He looks all right, but I think I prefer the older metal model with the whole pile of gadgets and junk on him. This guy just seems to be a much-simplified version of that old model.

These Rat Ogres, on the other hand, are in my opinion light years ahead of the old models. It's too bad there are rumored to be just two of them in the set, as you need at least three models to make up a full rank of monstrous infantry in 8th edition. Maybe this is a sign that a boxed kit of some sort in the newer style is coming out at some point.

And finally we have a model for the Poisoned Mortar that showed up in the latest rulebook, as well as an updated Warpfire Thrower team. The old Warpfire Thrower team really looked aged compared even to the last edition's models. It's nice to have a sleeker model for it.

In other news, Nike thankfully released a Trainer 1.2 for Bo Jackson that wasn't in Oakland Raider colors. This one can be seen on the Eastbay blog and is part of the MLB Legends series, so it features Kansas City Royals colors. If I had to choose a favorite team based solely on colors, I think Kansas City would be it. I just like it a lot. Maybe if I wanted to be obnoxious I would choose the ugly era Astros (1975-1986), but in my opinion you can't beat Royals blue. This is just an attractive shoe. I suppose it's a bit flashy, but apparently I like flashy shoes. I never really would have pegged myself as that guy, but my wife doesn't have the mental filters in place that I've got and she maintains that in spite of my vision of self, I am that guy who likes to wear bright colors on my feet. At least my personal fashion quirk isn't leather pants or sequined catsuits.

Also on the Eastbay blog is the announcement that the Hyperfuse is up for pre-order, including the green colorway that Rajon Rondo wore in the playoffs. I do wonder if all the mesh would help keep my feet from sweating and overheating, but I'd have to actually play some ball before the benefits would be anything but hypothetical.

Speaking of cars, shoes, and miniatures, I find that with the large lead times that the internet affords I am often tired of a product or see it as old news before it's even released for sale. Often photos or spoilers will be released many months prior to the drop date, and constant over-exposure will numb me to a product before it's even available to me. I wind up not buying the product because by the time it releases it has been discussed and rated for six months prior and everyone's moved on to something else. If I were to ignore all the press and the internet hype and just stumble upon a new release in the hobby shop, I think I would be much more excited than I am in the current environment. Perhaps too much information has numbed me a little bit to the excitement of the new and unknown? I think that was all much too philosophical, so I'll end with a couple pictures of those sweet Astros uniforms (with a bonus mustache!).

Honestly, that mustache belongs on the face of a general or dictator, not a baseball player. It's like an automatic +10 to Charisma (my wife would say it's more like a -10, but I don't think she fully understand the power of a thick mustache) if you can grow a lip-warmer like that one. That guy needs to be put in charge of something right now. I bet he'd be great at it, whatever it was.

Oh, and I guess since my wife posted it on her blog, I can also reveal that the baby in her belly is actually two babies. That's the main reason we needed a minivan. As long as everything keeps progressing well, we're going to be having twins early next year.


  1. Congrats on the twins! Best wishes for the little tykes.

    I agree the Skaven guys look great. When I get the set I'll probably trade or sell the Elves, but the weapon teams and Rat Ogres will be sticking around, perhaps to be mutants for a Vraks III list.

  2. I wonder what those weapon teams will be going for on the bits market? With no real current model, especially for the mortar, I bet the bits sellers will make a killing on them. I wonder how they fare in the game?