12 October 2009

The picture is a bit blurry, but I've got the servo-skull attached to the Missile Launcher Scout. I had to come up with a couple to connect the servo-skull's single wire to the two wires coming out of the power pack. I wound up using a bit of an Ork axe handle that was the right diameter. The wire itself is a keyring I unwound with some pliers. Painting of the skull has started, but I didn't quite finish it before bedtime.

We went over to my parents' house for dinner and socializing this evening. I took my copy of Space Hulk over and my brother and I were able to get one game in. I played the Space Marines and he took the Genestealers. We played the first mission, which for the Space Marines involved getting the Terminator with the heavy flamer to a certain room and cleansing it with fire. I was able to hold off the Genestealers long enough to get the flamer near the room, then used the flame templates to keep them at bay long enough to cleanse the room and win the scenario. I think my brother would've won by being just a little more aggressive with his aliens. There really aren't enough Space Marines to cover every avenue, and realistically the Genestealer player should try to get every attack possible rather than holding forces back until it's too late. I also benefited from getting decent pulls on the Command Points, especially during the last two turns when I had to fire the flamer multiple times, turn my Terminator around, and walk him down the hallway to open the door to the room that needed cleansed. If I'd pulled a couple of smaller numbers my ammunition would've run out or I'd have had a dozen Genestealers clawing at my back. My brother says he's got a plan for next time, so I think he had a good time.

Here's a picture of the kid after our dog has attacked his hair with her giant tongue. He thinks it's hilarious to have her lick him. I figure it's like an extra round of immunizations. He should be pretty much disease-proof by now.


  1. Ben looks like Karli in this picture. Makes me wonder who's been licking her head.

  2. Love the hair. And the miniatures.