05 August 2008

Our air conditioner stopped working on Saturday night while I was away playing army. We had a very warm house on Sunday; it was so warm that on Sunday night we slept in the back of my truck in the driveway as the house was much warmer than the outside air. I've still got our old mattress in the bed of my truck, so we were more comfortable than we could have been. Today the service dude came over and fixed it. Apparently the flux capacitor melted down, preventing the air conditioner from going back in time to the Ice Age to collect cold air to pump into the ducting. At least it wasn't something catastrophic.

Tomorrow I get to fix my truck. My engine light came on, so I bought a Diagnostic Code Scanner to see if I could generate a fault code and fix it myself. Turns out I've got a slow oxygen sensor, which is at least a fairly easy fix. The auto shops want $200-400 for the job, but I think with a wrench and a $70 part I can get it done on my own. Then I get to have my emissions tested; I don't anticipate any problems with that as long as replacing the oxygen sensor solves my engine light problem.

The motorcycle is still fun, and it's been nice to ride for a week on just a couple gallons of gas.

My little sisters turn 20 today. I hope all of their dreams come true.


  1. Your explanation of how the a/c compressor works makes me so happy. Do you think the twins will get the reference to the flux capacitor before clicking your link to wikipedia?

  2. Did he fix it with an almost empty can of beer and a banana peel?