13 August 2008

I did a little more painting on my Orcs tonight. Not much, as I kept getting drawn into the TV rather than focusing on the painting. No really exciting stuff from the Olympics coverage. The US Men's Swimming team got some more gold medals. I think the Women's Swimming team got a couple of medals. The Women's Gymnastics team had a chance to take the team gold from China and they blew it in spectacular fashion. I need to keep better notes of what colors I use when painting as there are a few areas on these Orcs that I have no idea what I did on the first batch.


  1. Team USA was pretty bad on floor routine, but what do you think about the controversy about China possibly having underage gymnasts?

  2. I think it was pretty obvious that some of China's gymnasts were underage but since their government was willing to forge the paperwork and pass them off as 16, there's nothing really that anyone can do about it.