11 August 2008

I wasn't really planning on watching any of the Olympics, but today I got sucked in by the swimming events, especially the much-talked-about rivalry between the US and French teams in the Men's 400m relay. All of the videos of the race on Youtube are pretty fuzzy and jumpy, but it is definitely a race that you have to see. Here's a link to a site where you can watch the video in full quality. The French were heavily favored to win, and had done some trash-talking in the media beforehand. They led for most of the last lap, but Jason Lezak of the US team exploded at the end for a world-record split time and a gold medal for the Americans. They also broke the world record for the event by nearly four seconds.

I also did some planning for a couple of fairly even Flames of War forces. I don't have a copy of the rules yet, so I don't know how much special rules and gameplay affect things, but it seems like the German army gets a lot less kit for the points compared to the Americans. I planned out a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie and an Armored Rifle Company each with some support elements. Both lists came out to around 975 points, but the Americans got a 4-vehicle Platoon of Shermans and a Tank Destroyer section while the Germans could only afford a 3-vehicle section of Panver IV H tanks once the minimum requirements for the Panzergrenadier company were met. It looks to be a moderately expensive project, so I'll probably collect the units piecemeal over the next several months while working on other projects.

Hobbytown has started a weekly game night up again and if this new job works out I may actually be able to go get some games in with my Skaven and hopefully in the not-to-distant future with my Orcs and Goblins.

I wish there weren't so many interesting projects to think about. My Skaven still aren't properly finished, I've barely started on Orcs and Goblins, I've got a grand total of five Space Marines painted, the Orks have all these new models as well as the awesome deal that is the new 40k starter set, and I've got the WWII bug again with locally available figures in shiny little boxes. That doesn't even take into account back-burner projects like the three full Mordheim warbands I have figures for, a couple handfuls of Foundry pirates, a whole passel of Lord of the Rings stuff I have or want to have, and unfinished forces for Reaper's Warlord and CAV systems. I don't have the money or time for even a quarter of that stuff.

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