24 June 2008

Today at work I dropped a decking beam on my toe. I tried to walk it off, but it is huge and purple and I'm not entirely sure if it's broken or not. So in the morning I'll have to waste a bunch of time going to the doctor to find out. Hopefully it's just horribly bruised and I don't have to break our year-long injury-free streak. I have no desire to be the guy who breaks the streak, especially in the current economy as there has been talk of drastically reducing the hours of less-productive people.

After struggling with superglue for an hour last night without actually getting my Goblin Spear Chukka to stay together I went out and got some two-part epoxy. It's messy and smelly, but the parts went right together. I've just got to put together some Forest Goblin Spider Riders, a Snotling Pump Wagon, and finish cleaning up my unit of Savage Orcs and I'll be done assembling my 1000-point force. Then I get to try out my gesso primer and get to painting.

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