23 June 2008

If you don't read my wife's blog or talk to us in person regularly you may have missed our big news. On Thursday we went in and had an ultrasound to look at the baby. The really good news is that the baby seems to be healthy and have all the proper pieces. The other good news is that we're having a boy. So that is pretty neat.

I've been cleaning and assembling my 1000-point Orcs and Goblins force. It's actually a rather small-sized army with only three units of infantry, a unit of cavalry, a couple of chariots, a Spear Chukka, and a couple of characters. I wonder how it will stand up against the numbers of the Skaven army. I've been reminded of how much I dislike working with metal models as compared to plastics. They are a pain to clean flash and mold lines off of and customization takes so much more effort. I am glad that Games Workshop seems to be moving toward producing more plastic kits. I need to pick up some two-part epoxy tonight so I can finish assembling my figures. I am too suspicious of spraycan primer to use the stuff I've got, so I went out and bought a bottle of gesso as that's been talked up on The Miniatures page quite a bit. I think the effort to brush it on is worth the extra time if it means avoiding the chance of having the spray stuff ruin twenty figures.

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