25 June 2008

My toe isn't broken, it's just genetically deformed. So that's good news. The doctor said, "On the x-ray it looks like it could be either a dislocation or a deformity. I'm not really sure which." So I said, "Well, do you want to see the other foot?" He thought that might be a good idea, so I took off my shoe and sock and he saw my other toe and said, "Ah, it's just a deformity then. You've got a matching pair of hammertoes." So far my hammertoes haven't actually helped me to do funky-fresh dance moves while wearing baggy pants, but maybe I just need to put some work into it.

I'm still plugging away at my Orcs and Goblins. I'm not really looking forward to cleaning the lines off of all my Savage Orcs, and the Snotling Pump Wagon looks like it's going to be an absolute beast to put together. The Forest Goblin Spider Riders shouldn't be too hard, though. Maybe I'll get around to actually painting some miniatures this year.

I signed up for a few classes this fall, so hopefully I can pass those and bump my GPA up to a slightly more respectable level. I may even get a degree out of it at some point in the next few years.


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  2. How on earth are you going to get better at those funky fresh moves if you don't even have any baggy pants? I'm sure we could find some hammer pants somewhere...

    Ummm, I deleted my first attempt at a comment because I failed at life and typing.

  3. I have some pants you can borrow...It's pretty funny that the docter said it was JUST a deformity. He must get a lot of patients from letha.

  4. Good news on the not a broken toe front at least.

    Does this mean that your feet resemble the hammerhead shark then?

  5. ouch. are you walking like a gimp now? do they need to amputate? you could get a peg leg or something. it could be fun.
    oh, on a side note---CONGRATS on the baby boy! little boys are so sweet. i loved the pic of him kicking in the first ultrasound shot on bekah's blog.