20 March 2007

My Painting Contest Mini

I've pretty much finished the painting of my miniature for the local shop painting contest. I am not extremely happy with it, but I don't think I have time before the deadline to bother with starting over. I don't really like the way the skin turned out. I worked at it for a long time, but I never really got it to be the right colors and it's ended up looking pretty chunky and uneven. The face is a mess. Everything else went pretty well as far as painting at my current skill level, but I've been looking at lots of pictures of expertly-painted miniatures lately and it frustrates me to compare them to my own work. I need to learn some blending techniques and also learn to be more patient so I can use more coats of thinner paint. The only thing I'm really proud of on this miniature is that I stepped outside my comfort zone and did a little bit of freehand on the hem of the cloak. Hopefully the spackle on the base will be dry tomorrow and I'll be able to finish the miniature off. Then it will be on to finishing my unit of Battle Nuns.

I didn't work on any miniatures this weekend as I had my little brother over for Saturday evening and Sunday. We played a rather simple D & D scenario. We each played two characters and I did double duty as the GM. Things moved pretty slowly as we are both learning the rules, but it was a lot of fun. We killed a lot of kobolds and lizardmen, collected a bounty, and have a couple of hooks for the next adventure. We also managed to roll natural 1's on our d20s approximately 50% of the time. It was such a good time that my wife said she might want to try it out sometime. I'm hoping to have enough miniatures painted to play a game of Supersystem next time he comes over to visit.

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