02 March 2007

I feel like posting something, but I haven't really done anything in the last day. I pulled my Reaper Warlord Razig's Revenge (Undead Pirates) out of their box and lined them all up on my desk. I'd like to have a go at painting them next. At the moment I have nine out of the twenty-six figures I'll need to finish the army out. Unfortunately, the sixteen figures I need to purchase won't be in the budget for another month or three, so I may run into the same problem I'm having with my Plague Monks. I probably won't be able to replicate the paint schemes effectively. What I'll probably end up doing is taking all of my unpainted stuff (a couple hundred figures from Reaper, Games Workshop, and Foundry), cleaning it up, priming it, and putting it in my "Ready" box. I hate cleaning mold lines and flash off of figures, so it's best to just do it all in one go and be done with it for a few months. By the time I'm done with that I'll probably have finished buying the last of my Skaven and I'll be able to make a big push to finish the army out and concentrate on something else, at least until the next Skaven army book comes out.

I looked at the Boise State University site today, but the Fall schedule isn't up yet. I imagine I'll take a couple of easy courses to get myself back into the swing of things, like maybe a 100 or 200 level History class and some sort of writing class. If I think I can swing it, I may take an additional internet course, just so I'll be that much closer to getting some kind of degree when Spring rolls around. I don't have a lot of faith in the education system at Boise State, but it seems to be a necessary step if I want to get off the freight dock and get into something a little more lucrative and a little easier on the back and knees. It would be nice to stay with FedEx, maybe in an admin job, but that's all a couple years down the road right now. I hate school, but it'll be nice to feel like I'm on my way to somewhere again instead of just punching the clock and spinning my wheels.
Another random thought. I've noticed that a lot of the wargamers on The Miniatures Page are very snooty about the fact that they have "graduated" from playing Fantasy or Sci-Fi games. They'll often make comments such as, "Like most people, I started out in Fantasy, but soon found that it lacked the intricacies and research I required. It wasn't long before I moved on to wargaming real historical conflicts," or some wordy equivalent of, "You're a lesser being for not playing whatever scale and time period I happen to be obsessed with." The way I see it, we're all playing with little toys. I'd be willing to bet that even historical gamers make marching noises and gun sounds when they play with their toys. I guess I just don't see the point in getting all worked up about anything hobby-related. Of course, this post of mine could be considered an example of a Fantasy gamer getting worked up about Historical gamers. Maybe I'm a hypocrite. I will say this, though. It was a Historical gaming book that got me interested in miniature wargaming in third grade, it was GHQ's catalog the kept me interested throughout my childhood, It was Avalon Hill's Squad Leader and Victory in the Pacific games that I played through my teens, and the first minis I ever purchased were 15mm WWII Germans and Americans from Quality Castings. I do have plans for historical wargaming projects, but they have a lower priority at the moment because I haven't found anyone locally to play historical games with. I wouldn't consider myself a Fantasy gamer, a Sci-Fi gamer, or a Historical gamer. I'd just call myself a Miniature Gamer and stick with that.

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