12 March 2007

My brother and I went to the Monster Truck show Saturday night. It was a pretty good show, very loud and filled with monster trucks, smaller trucks, and dirtbike stunts. True to form, several of the monster trucks lost axles, wheels, and two of them even caught on fire. To add to the excitement, my brother and I each picked trucks to cheer for in the elimination races, and his truck went all the way to the finals, where it lost to Grave Digger. When the smaller trucks raced, I saw that one of the trucks was sponsored by the new hobby shop in Nampa. It would appear that the guys who own the shop have their hands in a few other hobbies as well.
We also made a trip to Hobbytown to find miniatures to use as superheroes in Supersystem games. I figure it might be better to get him started on a cheaper game like Supersystem, which only requires 3 or four figures per team, rather than a Warhammer or even a Warlord army that could end up costing $100 to $1000 or more, depending on what you want to put into it. He picked Warl Hellbore, who we wrote up as a sort of shadow ninja who creates shadows and has the ability to essentially teleport through those shadows to anywhere on the map.
I picked up a Clay Golem, who I wrote up as a standard heavy-hitting brick. I've already chosen the other two characters for my team, Mr. Cranium with his robot sidekick and Killshot. I'm thinking I'll paint them up and play them as villains. There are quite a few other miniatures I want to get, but they can wait.
My brother wants a modern-looking mage (maybe something anime-inspired, as he's really into Yu-Gi-Oh) and some sort of brick. We looked at quite a few miniatures online, but he didn't see anything he really liked.
I started working on my unit of Battle Nuns. I've finished their skin, but I'm not very happy with how it turned out. They look as though they were burned badly, mauled by a back-alley plastic surgeon, and then went through a failed Lasik surgery. I can't decide if they really look that bad compared to my previous work or if I've been looking at so many nicely painted minis online lately that my confidence has waned. I think this is one of those units that I'll just have to push through and be glad I'm done with them.

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