12 April 2010

Fun and Games

This afternoon the wife, the boy and I went to Hobbytown to meet up with a friend of mine and his wife to look at toys and talk about our upcoming game night. The boy really enjoyed the display of kid's toys that they have in the store. My friend decided to start a Beastmen army for Warhammer Fantasy. I will be building a rival Empire army. At some point we may branch out into 40k or Lord of the Rings, but for now we will hopefully be able to get a couple of small Fantasy armies put together before the potential deployment overseas. While we work on our troops, the four of us will be playing a D & D campaign. I am trying to decide which province of the Empire my army will hail from.

After we got home from Hobbytown, I refined my character concept and my wife got her character rolled up. I'm looking at a Minotaur Barbarian/Rogue and she will be running a Razorclaw Shifter Druid. There is also a Bard in the group, I'm not sure what race it will be. The group looks a little weak, as there is no healing and no real damage absorber. I think we may solve that by either inviting more people or having a couple of NPCs join the party.

So that's a little update on what I've been doing. It's pretty exciting to have some gaming prospects on the horizon. We need to find some figures for our D & D characters and I need to get cracking on putting some paint on some figures. I started putting some Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard together for my Space Marines. I would like to use them as some kind of special HQ unit for the Assault (8th?) Company of my Chapter. With their different-looking armor, they will be a bit of a change from the same Scorched Brown/Catachan Green power armor that my other Marines wear.

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