26 April 2010

The Empire Moves Along Slowly

I've got a small unit of Greatswords and a Mortar put together for my Empire army. It's been moving along slowly, but I've been able to grab a few minutes here and there in between other stuff.

I'm also posting a couple photos of the boy, for family who read the blog. This first one is what we are usually able to capture. He seems to sense when the camera is out and either stops whatever he's doing and puts on a deadpan expression or he charges the camera full-bore and tries to twist the lens. Either way it is difficult to actually get a picture of him doing something.

He also likes to chase the dogs around. They tolerate it to a degree, probably because he tosses food on the ground and they get a little taste of the "people food." He is especially fond of Buddy's tail, and will chase him around trying to grab it.


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  2. Cute kid you got there. I now think my kid needs a pet to play with. Something to keep him entertained, ya know.

  3. Dogs are totally not worth the hassle. I have a hard time imagining life without at least on dog around, though. Bekah says that she's done with dogs for a while once our current dogs kick the bucket. Not sure who will win that argument.