11 July 2009

The Update

After a few months of searching and offering and waiting and inspecting and signing paperwork we finally have purchased a house. We signed the papers yesterday and everything processed today, so we've started the process of moving in. We went over there today to drop some stuff off and wait for the locksmith to come and change the locks out.

As soon as we showed the neighbors from one house over came over to introduce themselves. Later another neighbor came over to talk to us. We mentioned that we were waiting on the water to be turned on, which the city couldn't do until Monday. He mentioned that he worked for the city and could turn on our water tonight after reading out meter and leaving a message at the office. So we got water a couple days early.

Now I'm really tired, so I am going to bed.


  1. Congratulations in your new home.

  2. Wow, how exciting to have your OWN place. Sounds like you've got some pretty rockin' neighbors to boot.