02 July 2009

The Pledge

I recently made my own version of the Pledge. It doesn't involve painting a certain number of figures; I just am not allowed to purchase any new figures until sometime in August. Hobby supplies are okay. So far I've made it. I had a close call at the hobby shop with the new GW Temple of Skulls. The sticker price on it is rather high, but the store discount is pretty good on certain items and the box containing the model is much larger than I expected. But I refrained from getting it. I did buy a couple of jars of paint and a book on building scenery. The new Land Speeder Storm transport for Space Marine Scouts and the Ironclad Dreadnought are being released soon, and I'd really like to pick up the Warhammer Fantasy Empire starter box as well as a Steam Tank. But I've made it this far fairly easily and I may extend my Pledge another month or two just to save some money.

I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy; I may transition a bit more into buying bits here and there on eBay for conversions rather than buying new box sets all the time. Or combining the two like I did with my Assault Terminators. With the five Terminator bodies from Assault on Black Reach you can turn a five-man Assault Terminator box into a ten-man Squad with five Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields and five Lightning Claws.

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