03 July 2009

Packing Up

We are hoping to close on the house within the next week, so we've been packing our stuff up in boxes and staging it for loading in the truck. It is a pain, especially when you've packed ten or fifteen boxes of stuff and the room doesn't really look any different. But we're making progress. Hopefully by the end of the weekend we can have most of the small non-essential stuff ready to go. Then we just have to wait for the paperwork side of things to go through.

In between packing boxes I've been trying to work out army lists for 40k. After building my initial Imperial Guard list I felt that it didn't have enough figures to stand up against Space Marines or Orks. So I am looking for ways to increase the number of figures without sacrificing too much in the way of firepower. I've also been reading up on various tactics and builds that work, although I think playing the Math Hammer game takes away from the aspects of army-building that appeal to me most. I redid my Space Marine lists again, but I think I am going to switch them back again, as I wound up without a great variety of units. I'd like to pack a few different things into my lists rather than running (and painting) a million of the exact same thing.

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