11 June 2009

Not a whole lot to post about at the moment as I haven't had much time to do anything hobby-related. It looks like we will probably be able to buy the house we've got an offer in on as long as the home inspection goes well and we can make the finances work. It's been a pretty stressful week for me with trying to make sure that will work out as well as dealing with some other stuff that's been going on. Nothing too serious, but lots of little things that add up. This isn't a whiny emo blog so I'll spare you the details.

I read today that the new Imperial Guard files are out for Army Builder, so I'll probably download those and play around with that a bit. After having that software to do the heavy lifting it gets tedious to do the math by hand.

Edit: Apparently the Army Builder data files for the Imperial Guard are not on the Army Builder site. They can be found at the AB40k Maintainers site, and after debugging and whatnot they will probably be made available on the Army Builder site.

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