14 June 2009

I didn't work on my Scouts today as I had some other stuff going on. We drove by the house we're trying to buy this evening. The people are still living in it, so we didn't walk around the yard or anything. It's been so long since we put in the offer and looked at the house that when we do the home inspection on Monday it will be almost like looking at a new house. Hopefully we can get through the home inspection and the VA appraisal without any trouble. We went to the liquor store today and loaded up on empty boxes so we can start packing up in anticipation of moving.

I added a number of new links to my bloglist on the sidebar. I think I've got about 100 blogs linked at the moment. Generally with that many links there is usually something new to read.

I'm still trying to decide how I will assemble and paint my Imperial Guardsmen. I am also trying to come up with an army list. I'll probably wind up doing what I always do and just find a way to fit the models I want to paint into a certain number of points. I've spent some time looking at various army lists and builds for my various armies, but in the end I usually just wind up painting the models I like. It's not very competitive, but 99.9% of my hobby is spent painting and building models.


  1. if you don't put my blog on your list i'll squish you like a fat bug. SQUISH!

  2. also, good luck on the house yo!