21 January 2008

The Orcs are Finished

I am done painting the Orcs, but I still need to attach the shields for the rank & file and the drums for the musician. My glue all dried up and I didn't feel like going in to the store tonight to get more, so the shields and drums aren't getting attached tonight. It's probably better that way for these pictures anyway, as the shields would just get in the way of the paint jobs on the figures. I am not entirely happy with them, but they are good enough. The straps, belts, and wristbands ended up a little too pink. I'll have to darken up my mix a little on the next batch.

I'll probably paint a bunch of Easterlings from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings line next. I've got a box of infantry already, and I'll probably order an army box of them soon. My primary reason for choosing them to paint next is to pad my Pledge numbers a little. They look pretty easy to paint, and hopefully I'll be able to use them to get ahead of my target number a little before I start on the next batch of Orcs or Skaven.

1 comment:

  1. Not bad at all... I think they look pretty nice! I'm particularly impressed with the ones in pic with the file name of HPIM1161.jpg