28 January 2008

About half of my Easterlings are started and I'd probably push through to finish basecoating the rest tonight, but I have to pick up my wife from the airport in the morning and can't afford to stay up late and sleep through my alarm. I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take to paint he metallic basecoat on these figures. They're wearing a scale-type armor that is a pain to paint. I considered slathering paint everywhere on them and using inks to fill in the gaps for me, but couldn't bring myself to go through with it.
I probably would've made a lot more progress on them this weekend if yesterday hadn't been one of those days that I couldn't keep track of my brain for anything. Early in the day I went and bought food for the dogs. While I was out I figured I'd stop at Hobbytown as I had a little extra cash to spend. I looked at the Warhammer 40k Ork Battleforce several times, as it was heavily discounted and that new Wartrukk kit is way awesome. But I decided against it as I'd end up having to get the new Codex and open up a whole can of worms that I don't need to open up right now. After looking around some more I went home without buying anything. I sat down to start on the Easterlings and realized that I didn't have any new blades for my hobby knife. Every blade in my possession was dull. I also couldn't locate my plastic model cement. And the color I wanted for my Easterlings required Chestnut Ink, the only ink color I didn't have. I was reluctant to buy plastic glue, as I knew I'd find my old bottle as soon as I got home. But I searched my desktop and all my drawers and shelves multiple times, so I resigned myself to the necessity of buying more. So I went back to Hobbytown and got there just before they closed. I made my purchases and went back home. When I sat back down at my desk I realized that I had only purchased knife blades and Chestnut Ink. At the store I had been distracted while in the glue aisle by an extremely angry man yelling about something or other that had happened in the back of the store. Then I picked up my other stuff and looked at the Ork stuff again, completely forgetting about the glue. I searched my desk and drawers some more but didn't find any glue, so I got back in the truck and drove to Wal-Mart, where they've always had a little section of model car kits and supplies. I walked through the toy aisles approximately fourteen times looking for the right shelf, but it was gone. The section had been shrinking steadily over the last couple of years, but I'd always been able to purchase model cement at Wal-Mart. Finally I saw a couple of model kits and paints in the clearance aisle. There wasn;t any glue there either. The craft aisles had glue for everything except plastic. Super glue was in abundance everywhere. I went home, opened my desk drawer, and found the glue sitting right out in the open. I was still able to get the mold lines cleaned up and prime the minis before bed, but I had planned on getting a lot more done last night. Today I was able to get some of the basecoats done, but I had to use some of my time to clean up a bit in anticipation of my wife's return tomorrow.
In an interesting stroke of coincidence, just as I started thinking about DBA and Vikings a notice popped up on The Miniatures Page announcing some new 15mm Vikings from 50 Paces Games. In response to inquiries the owner of the shop made up some DBA army packs of the figures, and I ordered a set of them. I'm looking forward to their arrival, and I'll probably have to pick up an opponent for them once I get the DBA rulebook in my hands. Without the rules in-hand it is difficult to decipher exactly what makes up each of the armies. From what I hear, though, the rulebook doesn't really clear anything up until you've had someone translate it into plain English for you. We'll see how it goes.

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