04 January 2008

Change Happens, Whether You Like it or Not

It's often said that no plan survives contact with the enemy, and I don't think I'll quite reach my goals as set forth in the last post. I sat down and projected out my purchases for the Big 5 Projects, and I don't think I'll even have all the figures I need for those projects until February of 2009. That's if everything goes according to my plan, which it probably won't. There is also the question of whether I can paint 11 minis a week for the entire year. With the way these 8 Orcs are going, I have my doubts. I really don't have much left to do on them, but I find myself bogging down every time I sit down to paint. With Skaven I had a pretty clear sequence for painting that I could just follow and get quick results. With these Orcs I feel like I just can't get things to look right. And I ran out of the little craft sticks I use to stir the paint and transfer it to my palette. I think that if I really push hard I can finish this batch tomorrow night.
I would like to get some more painting done this weekend (maybe something easy like a unit of skeletons), but after this week I switch from a Tuesday-Saturday schedule at work to a Monday-Friday schedule. That means I have a one-day weekend this week, with next weekend being taken up by military junk that I have to do. With some other military stuff I have to do this year, I may end up losing almost two months of free painting time. I just don't know if I can paint 560-odd figures in a regular year, let alone a shortened one.
With all of that taken into account, I think my new goal is to focus on my Skaven, Orcs & Goblins, and the Mordheim figures. I will also try to finish as many of the Warlord and Lord of the Rings figures as I can, but I will be satisfied if the first three projects get done. I will still have to really push to get things done, but I will hopefully be able to get those three done and still have time to do other things between sleep and work. Maybe I'll try for a figure a day for the year. I have a similar system to the one used by Grimsby Mariner, in that I count some miniatures as more than one figure. Infantry count as one figure, cavalry count as two, and anything else gets evaluated and assigned a number of figures based on the effort I think it will take to paint it. Some war machines (such as a Goblin Bolt Thrower) count as only three figures, while a Skaven Screaming Bell may count as ten figures. So my new goal is to finish my three big projects, with a secondary goal of finishing 365 figures for the year.

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