31 August 2006

World of Warcraft Trading Card Game!!!

I just got the latest issue of Scrye magazine, which had a feature on the World of Warcraft TCG, and I have to say I'm pretty excited about it. It looks like it will closely follow the online game and I think the play style is pretty close to the VS TCG by the same company, Upper Deck. Basically, each player has a deck based around a hero, and they duel each other using equipment, allies, spells, and pets. The hero cards are based on the race/class combinations from the online game. The regular game comes out in October, and hopefully we'll be able to get a few starter decks and play. Another exciting feature is that the packs of cards will have "loot cards" with codes that you can enter online to get different options and cosmetic changes for your characters.
And in November (WHICH HAPPENS TO BE THE MONTH OF MY BIRTHDAY <---------HINT), they will release a special raid deck. With raid decks, three players use their regular decks to fight one other person who plays the raid deck, which is akin to fighting a boss in the regular game. And each raid deck comes with a treasure pack, so you can roll for the special cards in it after you kill the boss. I'm pretty excited about that, and I think I've got my wife, sister, and brother-in-law excited about it, too.

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